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Molybdenum and Tungsten Machining Services

  • Molybdenum Series

    Dive into the world of the Molybdenum Series, a versatile category redefining material excellence. At its heart lies molybdenum alloy, a high-performance material boasting exceptional strength and resistance. Specialized high-temperature molybdenum alloy mold materials head position the charge in molding technology. Molybdenum copper alloy, a fusion of conductivity and durability, finds its niche in cutting-edge electronics. From plates to strips, rods to wires, this series delivers precision and reliability across industries. Molybdenum crucibles, tips, electrodes, and sample cups excel in high-temperature applications and scientific research. Explore the Molybdenum Series, where innovation meets resilience, powering advancements in manufacturing, electronics, and scientific exploration.
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  • Tungsten Series

    Explore the Tungsten Series, a versatile category at the forefront of advanced materials. Comprising Tungsten alloy, copper alloy, and Tungsten silver alloy, it offers exceptional properties for diverse applications. Tungsten plates, bars, and rods provide unmatched durability in aerospace, engineering, and manufacturing. Precision-crafted Tungsten crucibles facilitate high-temperature processes, while carbides excel in cutting tools. For tailored solutions, Tungsten alloy plates, rods, and special-shaped parts stand ready to meet unique demands. Dive into this world of strength, conductivity, and innovation, where the Tungsten series shapes modern technology, from electronics to industrial processes, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable.
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