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Explore the Tungsten Series, a versatile category at the forefront of advanced materials. Comprising Tungsten alloy, copper alloy, and Tungsten silver alloy, it offers exceptional properties for diverse applications. Tungsten plates, bars, and rods provide unmatched durability in aerospace, engineering, and manufacturing. Precision-crafted Tungsten crucibles facilitate high-temperature processes, while carbides excel in cutting tools. For tailored solutions, Tungsten alloy plates, rods, and special-shaped parts stand ready to meet unique demands. Dive into this world of strength, conductivity, and innovation, where the Tungsten series shapes modern technology, from electronics to industrial processes, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable.
Taizhou Huacheng Tungsten And Molybdenum Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Taizhou Huacheng Tungsten And Molybdenum Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Taizhou Huacheng Tungsten and Molybdenum Products Co., Ltd. is a professional company that produces tungsten and molybdenum series products. The company specializes in the production of tungsten and molybdenum special-shaped parts, high-density tungsten alloys, tungsten-copper alloys, and the research and development of new tungsten-molybdenum materials. OEM/ODM Tungsten Metal Product Manufacturers and Custom Tungsten Suppliers. The main products are:
● Tungsten
● Molybdenum strip
● Plate
● Electrode rod
● Tungsten and molybdenum crucible
● Molybdenum Piercing Mandrel
● TZM rare earth molybdenum
● Sodium tungstate
● Sodium molybdate
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Industry knowledge
Tungsten metal products come in a variety of forms, offering numerous applications in different industries. Here are some noteworthy types:

1. Tungsten Carbide Tools: Tungsten carbide is a popular choice for cutting tools due to its exceptional hardness and wear resistance. Tungsten carbide inserts, drills, end mills, and saw blades are widely used in machining and construction applications, providing extended tool life and improved productivity.

2. Tungsten Filaments: Tungsten filaments are commonly found in incandescent light bulbs and electron tubes. These filaments have a high melting point and excellent electrical conductivity, making them ideal for producing intense light and facilitating electron emission.

3. Tungsten Alloys: Tungsten alloys, such as tungsten-copper and tungsten-nickel-iron, are renowned for their high density, high melting point, and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. These alloys are extensively employed in aerospace and defense applications, including missile components, radiation shielding, and gyroscopic systems.

4. Tungsten Powders: Tungsten powders, consisting of finely divided tungsten particles, find applications in the manufacturing of cemented carbides, electrical contacts, and various additives. They are also utilized in the production of heavy metal alloys, such as tungsten-based shot for hunting and fishing.

5. Tungsten Crucibles and Evaporation Boats: Tungsten crucibles and evaporation boats are used in high-temperature environments for melting and vaporizing materials. They are commonly employed in the semiconductor industry for the production of thin films and coatings.
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